sexta-feira, 6 de setembro de 2013

ASUS Transformer Book Trio Announced at IFA 2013

Back in Computex 2013, ASUS showed us a device concept it called the Transformer Book Trio, in other words, a three-in-one computer, and now ASUS showed off the device at IFA 2013 again. To put it simply, the Transformer Book Trio can act as a tablet, notebook or desktop PC.

The tablet, when separated from its keyboard dock (i.e. in tablet mode), runs Android OS on a dual-core Intel Atom SoC built into it. The keyboard dock contains a separate CPU, an Intel Core (Haswell) processor, allowing the device to run fully fledged Windows 8 when docked. In notebook mode, you can even switch between Android and Windows easily. You can also undock the tablet and hook the keyboard dock to an external monitor and use it effectively as a desktop PC. This is possible due to the fact that the keyboard has a built-in CPU of  its own.

The only other details ASUS gave us is that the 11.6" display of the tablet is of the IPS variety and has 1080p resolution, and availability and pricing are still unknown

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