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Next Nexus Smartphone: Samsung, LG, maybe both?

There have been some rumors recently regarding Google's next Nexus smartphone, but these rumors tell different stories (or not). Some rumors point to the next Nexus smartphone being a Samsung Galaxy Nexus 2, other rumors point to an LG-made Nexus phone. There is also the possibility of Google now making multiple Nexus phones.

On the Samsung side of rumors, there is a leaked spec sheet from SamMobile.com, which shows a GT-I9260 (the current Galaxy Nexus is GT-I9250) model labeled 'Nexus'. This device seems rather strange, and unlikely to be a Nexus device, because, unlike the leaked model's 1.5GHz dual-core Cortex-A9 CPU, a new Nexus phone would be expected to follow Google's ASUS Nexus 7 tablet, which has a Tegra 3 CPU. Besides that, there are also reports of pictures, uploaded to Picasa, that were detailed to have been taken by a device named GT-I9260, which actually agrees with the rumor of the leaked spec sheet. There is a possiblitity, however, that this is just another Samsung smartphone, but not a Nexus device.

GSMArena.com reports, however, that rumors indicate that the new Nexus smartphone will be based on the mighty LG Optimus G. The tipster, who contacted AndroidAndMe, reports that the LG-based Nexus phone looks very similar to the Galaxy Nexus, sporting approximately the same size, while bearing a Nexus logo on the back similar to the logo on the Nexus 7. The tipster also claimed that the new Nexus phone was running Android 4.2 Key Lime Pie, which reportedly is very similar to Jelly Bean, except with more transition effects. I find that very difficult to believe, because, then again, Jelly Bean is barely on the beggining of its life, being out for just a bit more than 3 months, so it's hard to believe that Key Lime Pie is already at such a mature stage. Other claims from the tipster include an 8MP camera.

We still have to consider the possibility that Google is now making more than one Nexus phone at once, which could even make sense, in a way. Maybe Google now wants to have Nexus phones at different price points, and is doing so with different manufacturers, which would explain the exceedingly dated CPU in the rumored Galaxy GT-I9260. In this view, the Galaxy Nexus 2 would be filling the space as a low-end Nexus phone, while LG could be going for the high-end (Snapdragon S4 Pro, like the Optimus G?) Nexus phone. But, of course, this is purely my opinion, which is, by all means, fully unsupported.

So, what do you people think it is most likely to be, a Samsung Galaxy Nexus 2, an LG Optimus Nexus, or both?

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